Strategic Insights

By combining market research, big data, predictive analysis, and a wealth of experience and know-how, we deliver targeted insights into physician and patient behavior. These insights support our clients at every stage, including R&D, product positioning, launch, marketing, pricing and lifecycle management. Our predictive modeling solutions are built on a synthesis of inputs and driven by large-scale, high-speed data mining and analytics. All insights and recommendations are customized so that your organization can implement effective strategic development initiatives and tactical execution efforts. The result is an enhanced competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our clients must constantly attempt to understand the “big picture” while staying focused on the day-to-day activities that increase market share and bolster overall productivity. Given the current environment, how is it possible to achieve both goals? By using expertly analyzed, descriptive information from a variety of primary and secondary sources, we can help organizations focus on today’s challenges, while preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities and averting setbacks.

Our Strategic Insights engagements typically fall into one of three categories:

  • Leadership Strategies: We can help answer the long-term, weighty questions that organizations face, including everything from major process reengineering, to market entry decisions, joint ventures, and acquisitions.
  • Market Insight and Business Intelligence: We use market research and descriptive analytics to help companies position themselves in the marketplace, taking into consideration the competitive landscape and other factors that affect outcomes, such as the regulatory environment.
  • Behavior Insights: By using various sources of information, such as market research and social media analysis, we help organizations understand their current customers, identify new targets, and understand why some customers “defect.”


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