About Us

Scriplogix is a healthcare research and analytics company focused on healthcare, wellness and life sciences. Our clients depend on us to deliver innovative leading-edge solutions across a range of competencies from compiling and curating data through data modeling and analytics, to distilling strategic insights.

Innovations with Research, Behavioral Design and Analytics

For more than a decade, Scriplogix has been helping our life sciences and healthcare clients around the world manage clinical and financial risk and influence patient and member behavior at critical points along the care continuum.  We are committed to harnessing information, research, and analytics to help clients optimize their strategies. Our four areas of focus include: 

  • Strategic Insights: Leadership strategies, market insight and business intelligence, and profiling physician and patient experiences
  • Behavior Design: Choice architecture, incentive design, trigger design and validation, patient motivation profiling, patient ability profiling
  • Research: Primary market research, both qualitative and quantitative, medical briefings, social media tracking
  • Analytics: Decision analysis, patient/customer profiling and analysis, behavioral economics, financial and clinical risk stratification

Proprietary, Cutting Edge Methodologies and Technologies

Our understanding of health behaviors is informed by extensive primary research engaging people in conversations about their health. We’ve amassed substantial health data assets on attitudes, behaviors, and motivations from over 10,000 U.S. physicians, scores of CEO’s and COO’s of healthcare organizations, and 100,000’s of consumers and patients. We’ve learned which approaches are most effective, which fall flat, and how patient engagement varies across a wide range of traditional and non-traditional healthcare consumer segments.

What makes Scriplogix unique is our market research and behavioral insights tools that capture and distil the voice of patients, and help healthcare providers understand the emotional, social, and cognitive factors that affect health decisions – and resulting consequences. We leverage our spectrum of competencies to develop predictive and prescriptive algorithms, platforms and tools, guiding providers on their journey from fee-for-service medicine delivery to value-driven, performance-based healthcare.

Embracing Health Care Delivery Transformation

The old healthcare model – a reactive system that treats acute illness after the fact – is evolving to one more centered on patients, prevention and ongoing management of chronic conditions.  Such a shift requires providers to think beyond traditional episodic treatment, and embrace disease prevention and long-term health management.  

Scriplogix understands the challenges faced by healthcare organizations as they navigate the realities of these new care delivery models. Our MoBe Maps Intelligent Patient Activation Platform “activates” patients to assume greater responsibility for their health outcomes, helping providers thrive in today’s shared-risk environment. Learn More

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