Patient/Customer Profiling

Understand your patients, consumers, healthcare professionals, and other groups as you never have before. With our customer profiling services, we can help you understand your key customers, defecting customers, prospects, their motivations, and more.

Our customer profiling services are focused on helping our clients understand specific populations, including patients, healthcare professionals, and other key stakeholders. Our profiling services measure satisfaction, loyalty, and new trending behaviors. There are three categories of analysis:

  • Patient/Customer Satisfaction: For healthcare organizations, perception of the quality of a service or product is a key driver of performance. Depending on the budget and specific request, we use different techniques, from net promoter to conjoint analysis, to track quality perception which helps our clients gain competitive advantages.
  • Outcomes Analysis: When it comes to the “big picture”, visual models are particularly helpful and intuitive for our clients. We develop a complete model for your organization that helps define high-level outcomes, identifies the action plan to achieve them, and tracks and evaluates progress.
  • Comparative Effectiveness Analysis: Our team performs comparisons of various healthcare interventions to determine what works best for different patient populations, considering both benefits and harms.

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