Global Knowledge Center

Driving Innovation and Technology

The Scriplogix Analytics team works at our Global Knowledge Center – located in New Delhi and Chennai, India – which are the hubs of our Knowledge Management process. The Center is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of analysts (economists, physicians, social and data scientists and content architects) with a capacity to expertly work with various sources of data, thus rendering what would be overwhelmingly complex into straightforward, actionable information. This team provides support for all statistical processing and analytics, data mining, and software assisted business analytics for clients and has been invaluable in developing innovative, anchoring technology solutions and build insights. 

Our Global Reach, Localized

When highly specialized expertise is needed, our technical experts at the Global Knowledge Center can be quickly called upon to supplement locally available technical knowledge. Team members utilize the same best practices, methodologies, processes, and platforms which allows us to provide clients with better information faster and at a lower cost than traditional research and data analytics providers.

Presented below is a Partial Capabilities List

Business Analytics

  • Customer Analytic & Customer Experience Measurement
  • Data Mining, Visualization, Dashboards & Reporting
  • Hadoop-powerd Predictive Analytics
  • Campaign Impact Measurement
  • Customer Profitability Models
  • Segmentation Frameworks and Forecasting Tools
Specialist Contact Services
  • Contact based primary research services involving physicians, other healthcare professionals, consumers and patients
  • Physician recruitment for panels, focus groups, etc.
  • Performance improvement solutions for pharma incl. distribution and stocking
Specialist Technology Services
  • Web based Market Research Tools
  • Content and Meta Data Analytics
  • Tableau Data Visualization
  • Multimedia Experience Design

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