Employee Influence Mapping

Case Study What are best practices for Human Resources in China.
Challenge A global pharmaceutical company felt their Chinese sales force was not as effective as it could be and there was a high attrition rate. The parent company in the U.S. felt that the dynamics of compensation structures were driving attrition and wanted competitive intelligence from China to validate that hypothesis.
Engagement RESEARCH: LISTENING LOUDLY  -  A primary research program was designed and launched:

  • Interviewed HR professionals at over nine companies in the industry in China, entirely based on Scriplogix networks there (not formal interviews).
  • Collected info on employee compensation packages for Sales forces, including hard measures of compensation and incentive structures, and on softer policy measures.
  • Interviewed healthcare HR executives with global experience at four additional organizations.


Mapped the different competitive packages for Sales teams in the industry, including compensation, incentive structures, vacation policies, and more.


Identified differences in incentive packages and policies and linked them to performance (as a key element driving performance). Made recommendations for a potentially effective solutions.

Tracking Results
  • The engagement was initiated and completed within 4 weeks to meet a client deadline.
  • The recommendations were adopted by the local management.
  • Sales force retention increased by 12% in the first full year since implementing recommendations.

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