Big Data

The facts you need are likely buried within your legacy software, hidden in plain sight.  “Big Data” can enhance your organization’s decision-making by uncovering those facts, extracting actionable information and providing innovative insights that give you a distinct advantage in the marketplace. For instance, trend analytics allow you to figure out what happened, while root cause and predictive analytics enable understanding of why it happened and what is likely to happen in the future.

Big Data and the ever evolving smart content are changing the way decisions are made, and more and more organizations are leveraging big data and unstructured text mining technologies to identify trends and opportunities to improve quality and efficiency. The key to effective analytics is being able to optimize data by extracting patterns and correlations using data mining and advanced analytics that continuously collect, aggregate and normalize data from multiple source documents and from across and beyond the organization.

The Global Knowledge Center has the knowledge base, staff and capacity to capably work with all of these big-data elements, thus rendering what would be overwhelmingly complex into straightforward, actionable information.  Examples of relevant insights/opportunities associated with big-data analytics include:

  • Data aggregation, mining and predictive analytics for population health management
  • Pricing based on past sales and competitive actions across millions of comparable SKUs
  • Patient behavior and sentiment analysis for polarity and emotions
  • Identifying fraud and waste, either retroactively or in real time
  • Mining unstructured text to identify entities
  • Building entity relationships for downstream processes
  • Extracting metadata from documents and images

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