Product Segmentation Analysis

Case Study How do health care professionals learn about an infectious disease and stay current on developments?
Challenge A pharmaceutical client wanted to support its market participation in a specific infectious disease with an unbranded learning tool. They believed that health care professionals did not all learn the same way with the same tools in the same channels, and wanted to create a learning segmentation tool that appreciated the learning diversity in the market.

We went deep in one specific disease condition

  • 10 interviews with thought leaders
  • 250 interviews with health care professionals


We segmented the healthcare professionals into like groups of learning. We constructed models of learning to show how each segment learned and retained information. The models included learning method, channel, and perceptions.


Our research indicated that HCPs are not monolithic: distinct learning styles and preferences exist. Pharmaceuticals companies should use different methods, periodicity, and tones to ensure healthcare professionals are kept informed.

Tracking Results The learning model was constructed for open access. An online research center exists to inform the marketplace and help pharmaceutical companies plan education and track their success.

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